Convert TIFF or JPEG Images to PDF

Img2PDF.exe easily converts TIFF or JPEG images of full page images or blank forms into PDF format.

Img2PDF Program (Img2PDF.exe)

Img2PDF.exe is a graphical program used to create PDF files from TIFF or JPEG images.

Img2PDF.exe is provided with PCLWorks Program. It is also included with all PCLTool SDK Options.

PCLTool SDK (Option I, III, IV and V) users also receive the following command line/batch utility:

  • TIFF/JPEG to PDF Program (IMGCVT.exe)

Img2PDF.exe stores it's preferences in the 2PDF.ini file and also reads in PDF file creation preferences from the [PCL2PDF] and [PDFPREFS] sections of the APP.INI file. IMGCVT.exe uses the preferences stored in the 2PDF.ini and APP.ini files.

Exclusive PageTech Technology

All programs that convert image file formats into PDF format call the IMGCVT.dll for it to perform that actual conversion function. IMGCVT.dll, in turn calls PageTech’s native PDF driver (PDFWrite.dll) to write the output PDF files.

Only PCLTool SDK (Option I) users get the source code (in .\source\imgcvt) to IMGCVT.exe which is a sample Windows console program to show how to use IMGCVT.dll for custom application development.

IMGCVT.dll behaves like a combined TIFF/JPEG to PDF converter and can read the 2PDF.ini and APP.ini files for input parameters.

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